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Below you will find the current ABBA Bylaws, League policies, letters from our secretary as well as the ABBA newsletters.

If you have anything to contribute to our newsletters contact the Blind Bowler editor

any announcements that arise between newsletters will also be posted here.

Blind Bowlers

You can download or listen to the Blind Bowler on line.

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From the Secretary treasure

Average book and Gold medals

2014-2016 Average book in excel format
2014-2016 Average Book in text format
Gold Medals in document format

From the chair of Public Relations

To the Members of ABBA from the desk of the Public Relations Chair:

Friends, over the passed few years, as our members age, we are loosing members. As a public relations committee, it is our job to ensure that more visually impaired folk know who we are and that we represent each of them. This pass year, we have visited Nashville, Norfolk, and Penalas County Florida to share our best kept secret with administrators of agencies for the blind and USABA representatives in an effort to encourage them to help recruit more bowlers. Although, we have tried to maintain our website as well as improve it, we find that we need to do more.

During our midyear meeting, we had a presentation from the Winston Salem Industries for the blind. We have agreed to enter into a partnership with the WSIFB. They are looking for visually impaired workers nationwide and we are looking for more blind bowlers nationwide. The way our partnership works, we let visually impaired folk know that they are looking for workers and they will help spread the word about blindbowling. IIn fact, they are currently supporting one of our leagues in North Carolina and are planning to promote another one possibly in Arkansas. Along with bowling in May, WSIFB will be present and we are also trying to set up a mini-expo on Thursday prior to bowling. More info will be forthcoming. We will also keep you informed about the success of our partnering. We will also be in contact with other agencies in the state of florida to promote bowling. It is our understanding that several ppeople are bowling in florida and we want them to join us. Imagine doubling our membership in the next five years or less.

Wilbert turner, Public Relations chair.

Guiderail information:

Association/Sanctioned Tournament Rental = $3.50 per rail + $252 security deposit, (returned if guiderails are not damaged)

Non Association = $280 security deposit + the cost of shipping

Purchase of guiderails

ABBA members (1) 12 ft & extension = $252 plus the cost of shipping.

Non ABBA members (1) 12ft @ extension = $280 + the cost of shipping.

(shipping will be determined by the number of rails ordered.) If funds become available, the cost per member will be reduced.

Bowling rail order form

If possible, please make a copy of the Blind Bowler Survey and return one to the editor and one to the Sec. Treasurer. For those who have access to emails, you are encouraged to email the survey. Some members experienced a problem with the receiving of the Blind Bowler, hopefully with two of us receiving the form we will be able to cross check those received. We are all striving to serve our membership when possible.

Theresa Metcalfe
PO Box 19516
Chicago, IL 60619

ABBA League secretary Forms


American Blind Bowling Association Wayne Keeney Fund Policy

This fund was established several years ago in honor of Past President Wayne Keeney, who was a great supporter of ABBA and blind bowling.

Purposes of the fund:
  • 1. Help a bowler who exhibits hardship to attend a tournament. The grant may be a minimum of $500 to cover travel and hotel expenses plus the payment to cover tournament and Masters' entry fees. Any additional payment will be determined by the Past Presidents Committee. These may be paid directly by ABBA.
  • 2. Assist a newly formed or expending league to obtain guide rails for its bowlers.

Unassigned profits from prior tournaments may be deposited into this fund. Disbursements from the fund will be made by the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer with approval from the Past Presidents Committee.

Requirements for funding:

  1. An individual must be an ABBA member in a sanctioned league for at least one year. Or a new league must be duly sanctioned with ABBA.
  2. The bowler should exhibit some interest in promoting blind bowler, such as serving as an officer, doing fund-raising for the league or providing other community service.
  3. Financial need must be demonstrated, such as limited monthly income or resources to cover participation at a national tournament or for a league to purchase guide rails.
  4. An application must be submitted to the Past Presidents Committee for consideration. The deadline for tournament funding is December 1st. Committee members will review applications and make a decision by February 1st. They will notify recipients within ten days so they can make arrangements to attend the tournament. There is no specific deadline for applications to cover the purchase of guide rails.

The recipient will be introduced at the annual convention and/or dance. The individual should also write a short article for the fall issue of the Blind Bowler briefly reviewing the tournament experience. Leagues receiving funds should also write an article on how the funds have benefitted their league.