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66 National tournament prize list

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Instructional Manual for bowling as a blind person.

This manual will be helpful for new bowlers and has tips that even many of your veterans may find useful.

Instructional Manual For Blind Bowlers
Instructional Manual For Blind Bowlers (audio)
Instructional Manual For Blind Bowlers(document download)

Bowling is a sport that has been enjoyed by many people both nationally and internationally. Since the 1940's the ABBA has enabled blind and visually impaired youths and adults to bowl alongside sighted friends and family. The development of special guide rails has made this possible.

Standard guiderails used by blind bowlers

Click here to watch a video depicting blind bowling in action. Forsyth Blind Bowlers League

Throughout the year, tournaments are held in many locations in the USA. During the Memorial Day weekend a National Tournament is held in a predetermined city; this event is open to all leagues and individuals who have chosen to sanction with the ABBA.

At designated times during the year, there are Area Associations that sponsor tournaments in their geographic regions; they are the Midwest Blind Bowling Association (MWBBA), Southeastern Blind Bowling Association (SBBA) and the Upstate New York Blind Bowling Association (UNYBBA). There are also non-sanctioned tournaments that ABBA does lend some assistance to as well.

A publication called "The Blind Bowler" is distributed three times during the bowling season (October, January and April). Articles are submitted from leagues, secretaries and individuals involved in the ABBA. The content of these articles is to inform the membership of such things as ABBA business, tournament events and standings, etc. A copy of last year's issues are listed on this site; you can view them on the Publications Page.

The American Blind Bowling Association has also been involved in developing its sport in other countries. Together with the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) bowlers from North America have participated in events hosted by other countries. Efforts are being made to establish bowling as a recognized sport in the Para-Olympic Games.

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ABBA chat group

If you would like to chat about bowling, give bowling tips or have tips for maintaining the guiderails you can subscribe to ABBA's chat list by sending a blank email to

If you would like to support our efforts in establishing new teams, building team spirit among both our sighted and blind competitors, you can do so in several ways. the link below will show you how contributions can be made.


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